We love getting Happy Tails like Stella’s Happy Tail. Isn’t she just beautiful. Thanks Dani for sending us Stella’s story and we are sure glad she won the Deaf Dogs Lottery by finding you and your family! ~ Christina, Nitro, Bud and Bowie

Stella’s Happy Tail written by Dani Joralemon


Hello Deaf Dog Family!! We are proud to introduce our adorable Miss Stella B. Sassypants! Stella came to our family by pure chance. We foster for a special needs rescue called Heath’s Haven! Everyone should check them out! We were fostering a very special gal that was paralyzed at the time named Bonita! Our friend Jolene at the rescue knew I had my heart broken previously by another group that was supposed to place a deaf puppy with me but ended up not doing it because they didn’t agree with us crate training our dogs. I had done research on training a deaf dog, and was up for the challenge. So yes it was a dream for me someday but our home was full.

2 dogs on a couch


Then Jolene sent me a picture of our girl. She was in a shelter in California and had a few big strikes against her! One being Stafford Terrier and the other being deaf. It was instant love for my whole family and all agreed that Stella would be ours!! One week later thanks to Heath’s Haven she made the journey to us in Washington State! She melted right into our family, like she has always been here! She is sweet, adorable, sassy, caring and totally hears with her heart!! She fell in love with her big brother Rocho, and he fell for her. Training has been a challenge for the humans lol not her!!! We all adore her and she will never be alone again! Her and her brother are true ambassadors for their breed and her being deaf she is an ambassador for deaf dogs everywhere! Double WIN!!  Deaf dogs are a blessing!!

Thank you all at Deaf Dogs for everything you do!