Meet adoptable deaf 5 year old Stella who is looking for a loving  home with someone who will cherish her, be her new best friend and always keep her safe.

From her current caregiver: Beautiful and loving, Stella girl would love to find a new home! Since bringing home our baby Stella has been showing signs of being overprotective. We would love her to go to a home where she would be the only pet. Stella loves to be active — hikes and walks well on a leash!


Stella also loves to snuggle and is the best buddy for a lazy couch day. Along with her deafness, she also has mild allergies and broken tail that needs tended to after some potty breaks. Our baby is now nine months old and we’ve been searching for the perfect new home for Stella which has proven to be very challenging. We have an appointment with the local animal care/control to see if she qualifies for a surrender next month but obviously we’d love to find a better solution before then.