Spud is not a potato….Spud is a really good dog

I was dumped out in my home, picked up by a kind lady who brought me to my foster home.

My foster Mom says I have a soft soul that shines so bright and I am super playful and full of love.

I am currently living with two foster sisters and a foster brother. One of my fosters sisters and my foster brother are white just like me. I think we might be twins

I like to play tug and fetch balls with my fur siblings. My foster brother has been teaching me the fine art of watching traffic and spying on neighbors. It’s awesome!

I have a secret that you can’t tell my foster Mom. She has an obsession with BELLS. She is going to put bells on my collar so I match my other two white siblings. AND….she has bell hanging on the back door. Everytime I go to check the bells out, my foster Mom will open the door for me to go outside. Boy do I have her trained

Here are some cool stats about me:
* approximately 1 year old
* 52 pounds
* neutered
* Bully breed (even though I am the complete opposite of a bully)
* snore like a human
* housebroken and crate trained
* my ears are not as strong as other dogs, but my heart sure is (I am deaf)
* I am resilient but thrive on kindness
* I have been learning hand signals. I am very smart and learn quickly.

I have not been cat tested but my foster Mom thinks that I would want to play with one.

My foster Mom thinks I would be good with small children; however, with me being a goofball, she thinks I may end up knocking them down accidentally.

If you ever wanted to learn a new language (I promise that it’s easy) with a fun loving, tail wagging pup who has so much love to give, come meet me. I will teach you to open the door when I want to go outside

If interested in adopting please fill out my application