From Christina Lee Founder of Deaf Dogs Rock

I have to say my days here at Deaf Dogs Rock are often filled up with answering emails from shelters, rescues, scheduling rescue transports, helping people who need direction with deaf dog training issues or rehoming their deaf dogs. Doing this job every day for ten years can sometimes be daunting to say the least. I try hard not to get to stressed or burned out because the deaf dogs who need help around the country are counting on our organization to help them out of bad situations. Today was a sign, a sign that there are still good people in the world who care about the most vulnerable of animals who have no voice. When I opened the mail today, this is what I found!

What a wonderful surprise to get two letters, one from six year old Ryker and a letter from his mom. There was a beautiful horse card from Ryker’s mom Stephanie and a bundle of checks from Ryker’s fundraiser. Stephanie wrote about how her young son Ryker worked hard and hosted a cookie and hot chocolate fundraiser at her equestrian facility in Potosi WI to benefit Deaf Dogs Rock. With his mom’s help (home baked cookies and hot chocolate), sweet thoughtful Ryker worked hard and raised $400 for Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue to sponsor deaf dogs and puppies in need of rescue. Did I mention that Ryker is only 6 years old? Watch out world! Ryker teaches all of us if you want to do something, find a way and make it happen. He is going to be a fearless kid entrepreneur for sure!

Thanks to Ryker, his mom, and all their friends/family who donated at their horse barn to help Ryker meet his goal. Ryker raised enough for us to sponsor two deaf puppies into rescue!

Because of Ryker giving heart, and the generosity of his customers, sweet deaf Great Pyrenees puppy Stella and deaf Aussie mix puppy Alister are being sponsored into rescue through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program from the funds that Ryker raised. Wow, our Deaf Dogs Rock team is blown away by this thoughtful gift.


Two deaf puppies sponsored by Ryker and his friends! 

Above: Sweet Great Pyrenees puppy Stella


Above: Sweet deaf puppy Alister

Thank you so much Ryker and Stephanie for your kind consideration and support to help us continue to help deaf dogs and puppies into rescue.

According to our Deaf Dogs Rock team, you two totally ROCK!

~ Christina, Chris, deaf dogs Axl, Bud, Bowie, Marshall, Tallulah and Ringo