This story was sent in by Shannon Grandon and Terry Grandon. This is Snow’s Happy Tail


Snow was rescued from a life of abuse 2 years ago and put into a foster home. He was found on the side of the road with his mouth duck taped shut. Snow’s foster family could not part with him so he became a “failed foster” dog. Snow lives with two hearing dogs which help Snow clue in on what’s going on around him. When Shannon and Terry decided to foster this poor abused deaf puppy, they ended up falling in love with Snow.


Terry and Shannon raised Snow and although he was sometimes difficult to train because he is deaf but also has limited vision. Shannon and Terry worked hard and showed Snow he was safe and would not have to fear humans any longer. Now he is a happy, healthy, 2 year old dog who is very playful and sometimes stubborn. His human mom and dad have taught Snow sign language. Sign Language is Shannon’s and Terry’s first language because they are both deaf.


Snow has grown up with a couple of hearing dogs. Snow now lives with Terry most of the time but he is still being learning new things from Shannon and Terry.

Snow currently know signs for “outside”, “stay”, “stop”, “play” and “come”. He is a very independent dog and he would rather play then learn new signs. When the hearing dogs in the family are barking and alerting the family that something or someone is near the house, Snow joins in the barking like he has an idea of what the other dogs are barking about.


According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, Snow and the Grandon family totally ROCK! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock