Are you looking for an adorable bunny dog? Meet Snow!! She is absolutely darling and has stolen the hearts of many upon arriving at Mid-America Bully Breed Rescue (MABBR). She is short and stout like a typical Bull terrier, around 40-50 lbs. and we guestimate she’s between 2 and 4 years old.

We don’t know much about her past as she was picked up as a stray in western Kansas but we do know she recently had a litter. Upon her arrival at MABBR, we discovered she is deaf. Despite this, she is very in tune with her humans and learns quickly. She is incredibly smart and nothing short of a people pleaser. Her foster mom says Snow will get a short boost of zoomies and then is done for the day. Her foster mom is no longer able to care for her and she is now sitting in boarding, which can be stressful for any dog…but especially a deaf dog! We like to think that even if Snow wasn’t deaf, she would still “not hear you” As it is pretty typical for a Bull Terrier to be stubborn! Although, she is a very good “listener” and is definitely willing to learn and adapt.

Snow would love a family who wants to have a fiercely loyal companion who only wants love in return.

Snow is fostered with another dog, a cat and kids. She does great with the dog and kids but we aren’t sure cats are in her future. A cat-free home with dogs her size or bigger would be the best place for her to call home. She has been known to interact well with cats before coming to MABBR, but she did not do well with the cat in her foster home!