Meet adoptable deaf puppy Smokey who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

Smokey is about 4 months old with a lot of energy, but loveable and sweet. Smokey was abandoned at my husbands work in a box with his brother. Both pups were lethargic and skinny. Being only about 10 weeks old the workers brought the pups in for food and water. The brother was taken home by one of the co-workers and no one wanted Smokey, so my husband brought him home. We already have 2 dogs and a puppy so we had no intention of keeping him. I took Smokey to the vet at 12 weeks and started his shot series, by the time he is 4 months he will be neutered and microchipped. During the time we have had Smokey he plays with our dogs just fine.

We also have 3 cats that he interacts with and our 2 children love him. Smokey is very energetic and loves fetch and to wrestle. As he has been with us I began noticing that he wouldn’t respond to sounds. At first the vet thought he might be ignoring us and said to give it time, but now the vet also believes he is deaf or at least partially deaf. No official tests have been done.

Smokey will be on the larger size, but is a gentle giant. I am trying to work on hand commands with him now. He sleeps in a kennel at night and will cry when he needs to go out. During the day he prefers to be with his humans unless we leave and then he is in the kennel. He has not had any accidents in the house so I would consider him housetrained, but he loves the outside. He is also a sweet cuddler and loves to take naps with his human.

Smokey’s adoption fee is $200 to a screen and pre-approved home only. If you are interested in adopting Smokey, please send Carolyn a email so she can send you and adoption application to fill out to be considered.

***You must live within a two hour drive of Apple Valley so you can meet Smokey in person.