Aspen – Green Dogs Unleashed 

Above: Aspen meeting Derek for the first time. 


Above: Sara and her son from the Floyd Co. Humane – Thanks Sara for driving Aspen to us! 

Thanks to the Floyd County Humane Society for reaching out to Deaf Dogs Rock to see if we could help with a four month old deaf Great Dane puppy who had been passed around to different homes with each home deciding after a week or two that they were not up for the challenge of training and socializing a deaf Dane puppy. We reached out to our friends at Green Dogs Unleashed to see if they had an experienced open foster and sure enough Katie and Derek offered to foster Aspen. Chris and I adopted our deaf red heeler Cornell from Katie and Derek so we knew Aspen would be in great hands.

Bentley – Sam Coffey Animal Rescue 

When we saw that Bentley was taken into Sam Coffey Animal Rescue we wanted to sponsor him through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy program so he could be neutered before he is adopted into his new home.

Noss – Project Pawz – North Carolina 

We want to thank Project Pawz Rescue in NC for pulling deaf dog Noss from the Randleman County NC RCAS and getting him into rescue. We put up a rescue plea for Noss hoping that a rescue would step up. Several people also added to the pledges for Noss so a rescue would be comfortable pulling him. This way Noss can go into a foster home, be evaluated and learn new things before he is put up for adoption. Thanks also to the Friends of Randolph Co Animals for network Noss for rescue.


Blanca – Speak For The Unspoken – Ohio 


Thanks to Speak For The Unspoken in Ohio for taking in sweet deaf dane Blanca so she can get some training, get all her vetting done and find a loving new home. I know we have a lot of Great Dane lovers out there so if you live in Ohio be sure to check out Speak For The Unspoken’s dog listings to see when she becomes available for adoption. Thanks to the kind hearts of our supporters sweet Blanca will be sponsored by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program so we can help with her vetting costs. What this does is allow the rescue to continue to help more deaf dogs in need.


Lucy and Palmer – Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona 

We know our friends at Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona have been very busy lately with new Aussie pups like Lucy and Palmer coming in and needing help. Lucy came in from a breeder who had no luck selling her because of her deafness so Amazing Aussies stepped in to help her. She is a mini-Australian Shepherd who is in foster care will get her vetting done and is sponsored by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy program.

Sweet deaf 6 month old puppy Palmer was abandon in Texas because he is deaf. Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue helped Palmer into rescue where he can get neutered, up to date on shots, learn new things in foster care and find a loving forever home. Palmer is also a recipient of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program to help with his vetting costs.


Diego – From Cobb Co GA shelter to Doggie Harmony NE Partnership Rescue 

Deaf Dogs Rock put out a Rocker Puppy Sponsorship offer to a reputable 501c3 rescue to pull Diego, get him into foster care and find him a loving forever home. We are so happy to hear Doggie Harmony Rescue has pulled Diego from Animal Control in Cobb Co GA.


Coconut – Ruff Rescue FL 

Sweet Isa Farnham does a lot of deaf dog fostering for our partner rescues in Florida and she also does temp fostering for deaf dogs before they go to their new rescues. She is a God send for sure. When Isa reached out to us here at Deaf Dogs Rock and sent us photos of Coconut we knew we had to sponsor Coconut to help the dog get the treatment he needs. He has a severe skin infection and Isa has been doing medicated baths. Now she can head to the vet and see what is going on with him physically. Coconut is now safely with Isa receiving treatment for his issues. Thanks to our supporters for continuing to support DDR so we can help deaf dogs like Coconut. A big shout out goes out to our monthly supporters Vern and Patricia who sent in a donation which will go towards Coconut’s sponsorship to help him get better and be ready for adoption in the future.

4 deaf/blind Catahoula puppies, 2 Aussie pups (Cleo and Caesar) – White Diamonds Double Merle Dane Rescue 

When we were in touch with White Diamonds Double Merle Rescue they told me they had six deaf puppies heading their way so we wanted to help. The six deaf puppies will be sponsored into rescue by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program.


Reese – Speak St. Louis Rescue

We are so lucky to have a couple of partner rescues out in the Midwest because there are so many deaf pups coming out of that part of the country. Reece is a deaf Aussie who need a rescue and thank goodness Speak St. Louis had room for Reese is sponsored into rescue through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program. Thanks to our kind supporters who continue to support our mission of helping one deaf dog at a time, Reese is now safe.

Bear – Green Dogs Unleashed



Sweet Bear arrived in Virginia safely from TN thanks to all the volunteers on the Highway Heroes Rescue Transport Team. He was a joy to transport. Thanks to Green Dogs Unleashed who made room for Bear when we reached out to him. Thanks also to his human Melanie reaching out to us for help, for getting his vaccinations and Health Certificate prior to his transport  and  for driving a leg of his transport.


Chester – Speak St. Louis 

When Chester’s humans reached out to Deaf Dogs Rock to list Finn aka Chester on our website we reached back out to them and told them about our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program. We also reached out to Speak St. Louis to see if they had room for Chester in their program. We always worry about deaf pups being given away. Chester’s humans work a lot because the are essential care workers who work long hours. They felt bad leaving 5 month old Chester alone every day for long stretches of time so they made the hard decision to let Chester go to Speak St. Louis, go into foster care to get additional training and socialization while potential loving homes are being screened. Thanks to Speak St. Louis for picking up Chester and making room for him and to our generous thoughtful supporters who continue to donate to Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue to help deaf pups like Chester. Thanks to our friends Patricia and Vern for working hard and raising money so we could sponsor Chester into rescue.