Update 4/15/22: Scout has a pending adoption with his foster home.

From his rescue: Scout is a very special Belgian Malinois puppy born at the end of April. He is currently being fostered in Tampa Bay, FL.

He is a very affectionate dog and loves being around his people and prefers to lounge on a bed in the room you are in; however, he is comfortable being home alone in his crate if we leave the house (we monitor him via camera and he sleeps). He will follow you around, especially out in the yard, just wanting to be a part of what you are doing. If he tumbles and can’t get up, he will bark to let you know he’d like assistance getting back up and will then continue playing in the yard or house.

Considering Scout’s physical limitations, he is behaviorally resilient, well-adjusted, and displays behaviors appropriate for his age suggestive of proper early socialization. Maintaining this positive exposure to new people, places and pets will be essential to Scout’s behavioral health considering his visual and hearing impairments.

Scout is a low-to-medium energy puppy and is just as content lounging as he is playing. This is unique for his breed; however, the fact he physically tires easily when walking/ playing may be a contributing factor.