On December 27, 2021 we lost our deaf boxer Bud to Lymphoma. He was riddled with cancer and it spread so fast that we are still in shock. He let us know it was his time on the morning of December 27 after a very rough weekend. Here at Deaf Dogs Rock we don’t let any of our dogs suffer. He started going downhill a couple of weeks ago and we did everything we could to keep him comfortable but in the end he was suffering and we had to release him from his pain. Thank you to our wonderful vet Dr. Karen Bowman of Creature Comforts who was coming weekly to monitor him and also came right away when we texted her it was his time. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful vet who truly cherishes her little doggy clients like Bud and we consider her a kind friend.

Photo above: Deaf boxer Bud (L) and his best friend deaf boxer Nitro (R) who passed away of Lymphoma in Nov. 2018. Both were the reason we started our national/global non-profit organization Deaf Dogs Rock.

I pray our little Bud is now at the Rainbow Bridge with our deaf dogs Nitro, Cornell, hearing dogs Pepe, Lexi and Bailey. He was such a great little boxer. I was actually lucky he had separation anxiety (SA) when we rescued him because he helped me to understand SA. So many deaf dogs are prone to SA. It has allowed me to learn as much as I can about SA and try to help other deaf dog families get past their SA issues with their deaf dogs. You can read more about Separation Anxiety here.


Bud’s Dog Family throughout the years

Above:From Left to right: Deaf Boston Bowie, deaf boxer Nitro, deaf boxer Bud, deaf dog Tallulah, hearing chi Pepe and deaf dog Cornell – Photo by Christina Lee 


Bud kissing Nitro on his final week with us. He also passed of very aggressive Lymphoma. We will miss both of them every second of every day! I can only imagine their greeting when they saw each other again at the bridge. 


Above: The day we picked up Bud from Kentucky and brought him to Virginia. We had our friend Cherri bring two boxers to meet Bud. Chris brought Nitro to meet Bud also. This was their first photo taken together. Bud fit right in and they became the four musketeers!

Above: From Left to right: Ozzy, Bud, Loki and Nitro 


Bud originally came from the Preston family in Kentucky at 10  months of age and we decided we would foster him. He had breathing issues and he also had separation anxiety so we had surgery done on his nares so he could breathe without gulping for air. Chris and I also worked hard for about 12 months getting him over his separation anxiety. He was a huge foster fail in every sense of the word. He and Nitro adored each other and they were meant to be together. The first two years he was here at DDR he loved to get into everything and chew everything but with a structured daily routine, positive reinforcement training/enrichment and specific boundaries put into place to keep him safe, by the time he was three he really came into his own and was a great dog.


Above: Bud loved his daddy. Chris had to sleep on the floor next to Nitro’s kennel when he was paralyzed from a tick bite, Bud was right there with him (spooning him). Photo by: Christina Lee 

Above: Photo of Bud’s daddy Chris Lee in the front dog field here at Deaf Dogs Rock – Photo by Christina Lee 


Above: Axl Blu and Bud in the front field – Phone by Chris Lee 


Above: Bud adored our senior shepherd mix Bailey who tolerated his neediness. 



Above: Christina and Bud on the front porch



Above: Bud and Bowie chillin…



Above: Bud sporting his reading glasses….



Above: This photos is a great representation of his true Goober essence! 



Above: Bud claimed the dog float as his throne. He would just wait by the side of the pool until Chris would pull the pink Cadillac float up to him and he would climb aboard. 


Above: A portrait I did of Bud in 2020 for Chris as a Christmas gift. 

Deaf Dogs Rock will continue to help as many deaf boxers like Bud and Nitro as we can into rescue through our Nitro’s Fund. We will miss our goofy little boxer boy Bud and  his joyful presence every minute of every day. Fly high little Buddy, we miss you so much!

~Christina, Chris, Axl, Bowie, Marshall, Tallulah and Ringo Dingo Star