Sammy – Adopted

Update 4/30/18: Sammy aka Snow has been adopted!

From Cheryl: Thank you for your help in sharing Sammy’s needs in a forever family. Sammy is now known as Snow, to match his Dogo brother, Frost, and they have a work from home Dad and Mom’s a nurse with prior deaf dog experience. Last update, they were having a blast at the dog park mini lake, and checking in frequently for signs. Couldn’t be happier for him!

Photos above: Sammy aka Snow with his new family 

Sammy is not destructive and he is a typical puppy who can be mouthy sometimes but with lots of walks, training and exercise that will help him be the best puppy he can be. Sammy enjoys interactive toys time and stuffed Kongs. He is a fast learner and he learned his sign commands quickly. He likes to snuggle and hangout with his people after running zoomies.

Sammy also loves car rides. He has a prancing gait and when he sees a camera he strikes a posse like a professional model.

Sammy knows the following sign commands: watch me, sit, off, potty, leave it/no-no, eat, water, sleep/crate, out