This beautiful white boxer deaf girl came from a rescue into a loving family and is now a registered therapy dog. Sabrina’s journey started when she entered her fosters home, she entered a home with five other boxers with one being deaf. Sabrina fit right into the pack and was eager to learn and please, she was introduced to American Sign Language and she was a good student. Sabrina’s journey was not done yet, she was still in search of her forever home.

 unnamed (18)

Sabrina knew she had to represent the deaf dog community, and prove that deaf dogs truly rock. Sabrina was introduced to a loving family that was looking to adopt a boxer, they wanted a gentile, mellow boxer that was good with children, and wanted additional information concerning a deaf dog. The first meeting was held at a fashion show that Sabrina was entered in, after she strutted her stuff on the runway she was rewarded with greetings from the family’s two children, and it was love at first site, However there were still some hurdles for Sabrina to jump.

Sabrina’s foster family was unsure of the responsibilities of adopting a deaf dog; they only wanted the best for Sabrina. After a few family meetings, the family knew they wanted to adopt Sabrina, and they did. Sabrina hit the jackpot; it is good to see your foster placed in loving home. Sabrina continues to prove deaf dogs rock, she is now a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs Incorporated and is an ambassador for deaf dogs.