Update 1/7/19: Rosie is still available for adoption!  She is so sweet and loving – a few recent photographs are below.



Meet adoptable deaf dog Rosie who is looking for a loving person who will commit to making additional training a priority, to help Rosie become confident again, cherish her and always keep her safe.

From the rescue: Beautiful, tri-color Rosie came to Friends of Eden Animal Rescue in late-April 2017. She and a litter mate were adopted within a few days at an adoption event held by the Rescue. Unfortunately, they were returned shortly there after as the family faced medical needs and the dogs were not receiving the care they needed.

Very soon after their return Rosie’s litter mate was adopted and he’s living the good life with a Pawsome family.

Rosie waited patiently when finally a single mother of two boys, including one with autism arrived from 6 hours away to meet her. The all fell in love. So Rosie headed to Virginia Beach with what we all hoped would be her forever family.

The Mom reported in regularly with us. She was having trouble with Rosie being unfriendly to visitors to the home; barking as the cars and trucks passed the home. Not liking the mailman. She was not able to train her, even taking her to obedience classes. The trainer told her to cover the windows so that Rosie could not see outside. Finally, after 6 months and completely exhausted, Rosie returned to Friends of Eden Animal Rescue.

She’s done well since returning. She was very sad to see her family leave. But she’s come to love all of us at the Rescue. She still responds negatively to new people, but if she is shown the leash, she calms and walks nicely.

On a recent walk, one of our volunteers noticed that Rosie always keeps her ears back – not up listening for the sounds. The volunteer called her name; clapped her hands loudly and then whistle – No Reaction from Rosie. Be are beginning to understand why Rosie did not respond to the basic training. She’s really quite smart. Our onsite trainer, who is new to the group uses hand signals as she trains and Rosie appeared on the surface to be understanding the commands. We think she’s just super smart, but simple cannot hear.

She is in a kennel 24 hours a day – except for the 2 brief walks she receives from volunteers. She is in need of a Foster or Adopter with the time and patience to work with this loving dog. She is current on shots, spayed and heartworm negative. We’d love of course if she could be an only dog – until her confidence is in place. If you can help, please let us know.