We have a very special program called our “Rocker Puppy Program” where we work very hard to raise funds to be able to sponsor deaf puppies into our partner rescues who do an amazing job making sure the deaf puppies get into foster care. The Rocker Puppy Program donates proceeds to pay for the puppies shots and spay/neuter surgeries to help each rescue financially so they can help more puppies along the way. It is our way of “paying it forward”.

Once the Rocker Puppies get into rescue, they go into foster care between the ages of 8-12 weeks. There is a small window of opportunity (8-12 weeks old) where it is crucial to get the puppies into foster care so they can be consistently socialized by working with them around other dogs, cats, farm animals, and children. When a deaf rescue pup gets into a rescue foster home, they get the house/crate training they need to be set up for success in a future forever home.

The rescues we sponsor the Rocker puppies into do a very thorough adoption application screening which includes a home visit to make sure the puppy is going to be in a safe environment. The rescues encourage new deaf dog families to continue their education and seriously consider taking positive reinforcement group puppy training classes to build a strong training foundation for each dog.


8 week old Benzi

When we recently received a new DDR adoption  listing for deaf  catahoula leopard puppy named Benzi, we reached out to Lori the person who listed the puppy to see if she wanted to participate in our new Rocker Puppy program. When she said “yes”, we reached out to Speak for The Unspoken Rescue in Grove City, OH. It worked out perfectly because the puppy was just a few hours from Speak For The Unspoken Rescue and Lori’s husband was kind enough to drive Benzi to Speak today (3/30). A big shout out to Victoria Corbett and the entire Speak For The Unspoken Rescue for always making room for our sponsored rescue puppies.


A huge shout out to our Deaf Dogs Rock supporters who make the Rocker Puppy Program possible. Without your support who knows where these sweet deaf puppies would end up in the long run. By choosing to donate to Deaf Dogs Rock, you just gave a deaf puppy a wonderful start at a new life.




Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Christina and Nitro Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

2016-03-30 13.25.13

Christina Lee with CED dog Nitro of Deaf Dogs Rock