Meet adoptable deaf dog Rock Hudson who is dreaming about a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend, make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe.

From his rescue advocate: Meet Rock Hudson! He’s a shy, sweet puppy who’s just starting to come out of his shell. He’s deaf, 6 months old, and about 60lbs. But being deaf doesn’t slow him down! He loves playing with other dogs, chewing on bones and toys and being the biggest cuddle bug! He’s still working on commands but is potty trained. Though, of course, expect some accidents as he learns a new home. He does great with other dogs in the home to show him the ropes, follow around, and play with.

Rock Hudson loves being outside but still learning how to walk on a leash so a fenced in yard would be great for him to explore. He’s been out on the town, on the boat, restaurants, and bars and does great but his favorite is taking naps on the couch. If you’re looking for a snuggle buddy, especially as winter is right around the corner, Rock is the dog for you!