Meet adoptable deaf 11 month old boxer mix Rex who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

From his caregiver:  Rex he is a boxer/pit mix from what our vets could guess. He is about 11mo old if we were to estimate. He is a rambunctious and intelligent little dude with an endearing under bite. We took him in back in July 2019 to try to find a home but after a not so good home placement he came back to us and I ended up getting so attached I couldn’t try again because he is so cuddly and sweet. Recently we put all 3 of our pit mixes through an obedience course and they passed with flying colors! Rex is highly intelligent but still very much a puppy at heart he knows how to sit, lay and shake with signs. I have also been working with him on a vibration collar which is pictured and can go with him where he goes along with his crate and his blankey.

Rex loves to play and sometimes this can be too much for some dogs and they get sick of his playful manner. He loves to play outside,run and wrestle with other dogs. I think he would be perfect for someone who would like to roller blade or run with him maybe even biking but he would need some work with that. His favorite toy by far is the tennis ball but he loves the toys that he has to work at . He will be entertained by a tennis ball for hours. Due to having 5 homes in the first 5 mo of his life and his deafness, Rex has crate anxiety and separation anxiety which we treat with Thunder Wunder Calming Hemp Dog Treats they really work wonders making him more comfortable.

At night Rex will sometimes bark before tiring himself out unless hes had his treats or lots of physical play that day can work as well. We crate all our dogs at night so they sleep together in a room but in separate crates, we found he sleeps best near another dog he likes (kind of like a security blanket). I would really like for any potential adopters to meet with Rex several times to get to know him. He usually gets very excited when he sees people he knows after he has met them before and I feel that would make his transition easiest. Since he has bounced around a bit in his life I do not want him to feel like he is not wanted.

Rex has that puppy personality that is so loving an resilient that if he goes to a person that has the patience to care for his special needs and the understanding that he isn’t trying to give them a hard time, he is just having a hard time he will get through the transition seamlessly. I would not be re-homing Rex but unfortunately he and one of our original dogs have a personality difference and cannot seem to get along anymore. I think Rex’s playful puppy attitude is a bit overwhelming for our other dog who is a more timid personality. Rex is a wonderful, loving, intelligent and playful puppy who just needs a furever home that has the patience to help him grow into their loving family.