Mary was kind enough to send me this sweet note telling me about her two special needs dogs. She has Ciara which is her blind border collie and Reilly who is a deaf 9 year old Aussie Shepherd. One of the best things (besides rescuing deaf dogs) about working on is the wonderful people I get to meet from all over the world who rescue, foster, train, own and raise special needs dogs. They are definitely a breed apart. Thanks for telling us about your babies Mary. ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock


From Mary O’Meara

We have accidentally become dog parents to two special needs dogs… Ciara is our 12 year old Border Collie. Ciara is blind. We have had her since she was about 6 months. She was abandoned at the barn where I boarded my horse.

The folks who owned the barn had Australian Shepherds as working dogs. They would also breed pups for sale.

Our Reilly (now 9) was one of those pups. They knew right away she was Deaf. My husband and I both know ASL- we both work with Deaf people professionally. (Our kids can also Sign) It seemed like a no brainer to take this adorable pup home. She has been the best dog EVER! I can’t imagine why folks would not want a pup/dog because they are Deaf…. We have had no issues at all.

Our two are adorable- and we have years left to enjoy them…. When the time comes, I would jump at the chance to adopt another Deaf dog.

I would also be very happy to help anybody who is new to training dogs with special needs… Ciara was born blind- but has lived a very full and very happy life with us (she is now 12)

I just wanted to say HI- and let you know how much I do enjoy your facebook page- Thanks for the work you do!



Mary O’Meara