Meet adoptable deaf two year old Australian Cattle Dog (red heeler) Red who is looking for a loving and experienced heeler home with someone who will continue his sign training/enrichment and always keep him safe.


From his caregiver: Red is a Australian Heeler bred from a family or working cattle dogs. However, he was born deaf and unable to stay on the farm due to safety issues. He is 2 years old. He is a goof ball. He loves playing and cuddling. He is pure sweetheart. However, he is a cattle dog bred for herding 1000 pound animals. They can be pushy. If you are unfamiliar with this breed be sure to do some research first and learn about them. They are called heelers because they herd by nipping at heels.


Nips are natural for a heeler dog and are just encouragement to move to the space that they want you into and not aggressive behavior. He has lived with our family and has had no problems with our kids, but I would recommend families with kids over the age of 10 due to his pushy/herding nature. I have worked with him and he knows sign language. He’s so funny because he has no idea that he is deaf, or that there is any other way to be. He is such a happy dog. He is very smart with an active mind and needs someone that can be his best friend. He is extremely loyal and attaches mostly to one person. He loves going on jogs/runs and is the perfect workout buddy. He also loves water. His biggest flaw is he is a food snatcher, so watch out!

If are interested in adopting Red and you live within driving distance of Elgin IL to meet him in person, please contact