I want to thank Michelle Hunting who is the Author of “Come Boy!” for believing in me enough to ask me to contribute to her new dog training book. I am honored she asked me to contribute my thoughts on deaf dog recall training. I was excited to write Chapter 12 titled “Recalls For Deaf Dogs”. It was my pleasure sharing some of my deaf dog recall tips with fellow deaf dog owners and advocates.

I also want to thank dog trainer Bobbie Patterson Wiggins and her deaf puppy Riley for being my models so I could photograph them to show visual images of my tips in action. Bobbie did a great job illustrating the “come” sign cue training by  using consistent positive reinforcement training techniques. I hope our Deaf Dogs Rock community will use some of my tips in teaching their deaf dogs to “come”. The “come” sign is one of the most important sign cues you can teach a deaf or hearing dog because sometimes this sign can make the difference between the life and death of your dog.


 Photo of Deaf dog Nitro by: Christina Lee titled:  “Joyful Exuberance”