Meet adoptable deaf 8 year old girl Rebel who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her shelter advocate: Hello! Wait, I can’t hear you. Here’s the deal, I’m deaf but I kinda like it that way. See, I can pretend to ignore you until you give into my desires, likes treats and toys and a long walk walk on a leash. I have lived with kids and other dogs and I share the space well, but really thinking a solo gig would suit me best. A fenced in yard would be cool to wander around when the weather is nice, and warm blankets or beds are a must on those cold winter days. I have become somewhat of a princess at the shelter.

There is a little room here known as the snuggle room, and most days I like to just hang out and lounge around in that room. Volunteers come in throughout the day and take me for walks or hang out in “my princess room” with me. I have a bit of a stubborn streak and have been known to slip out of my collar ( on a walk if I don’t like the direction we are going). Check out how to keep a deaf dog from getting loose on a walk with our Double Fail System for deaf dogs here.  Even though I’m good at just laying around, I do need my exercise and attention, or I might just get creative with my space when I’m alone.

I’m kind of a squatty, stocky girl, but I still move quick and am strong. I always had another dog to live with to guide me, but I feel pretty confident now on my own and would do fine with just some human guidance. Have I mentioned how smart I am? I pick up on new things pretty quickly and I love to explore. If you are interested in meeting me or adopting me please email: