We were so honored to hear from Deborah Weddle and Queen Little Miss Missy when they contacted us here at Deaf Dogs Rock a few months ago and told us they have chosen our organization to benefit from this year’s Queen Little Miss Missy’s Birthday Bash. Today at our Deaf Dogs Rock headquarters we got to meet Deborah, Missy and Michael in person as they presented Deaf Dogs Rock with $1726.00!

Photo above from Left to Right: Deborah, Missy (she is a beautiful hearing Boston Terrier with a white face like Bowie), Christina Lee with deaf Boston Terrier Bowie, and one of our Deaf Dogs Rock Board of Director members Rebecca Gentry


Photo above: Queen Little Miss Missy presenting the cash donations to Deaf Dogs Rock 

For the past several weeks, Queen Little Miss Missy and her family worked hard sharing their fundraiser on Queen Little Miss Missy & The Wild Child Buddy’s Facebook page. Missy and her mom asked their friends and family members to come together for a great cause and to celebrate Missy’s birthday. The outcome of Missy’s Birthday Bash fundraiser was truly amazing. Missy, The Wild Child Buddy, her mom Deborah, and Missy’s daddy Michael raised $1726.00 for Deaf Dogs Rock! Wow! We are blown away!

Photo above: Christina Lee with Deaf Dogs Rock holding Missy (see her smiling) and Bowie checking out pretty girl Missy (he was totally smitten)! 

Because of their giving hearts, and the kind consideration of their family and friends, Deaf Dogs Rock can sponsor 7 deaf dogs/pups into special needs rescues where each dog will receive additional sign/obedience training, go into a loving experienced deaf dog foster home where they can learn the ropes, get spay/neutered and find a new family who will be a good fit for each dog.

We want to thank Missy and The Wild Child Buddy, Missy’s mom Deborah and Missy’s daddy Michael for their kind consideration and support. We also want to give a big shout out to all of their family and friends who helped raise money for Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue on our mission to help one deaf dog at a time. You all ROCK!

~ Christina, Chris, Axl, Bud, Bowie, Cornell, Pepe and Tallulah – Deaf Dogs Rock