Meet adoptable deaf-visually impaired, one year old, rat terrier mix Puck who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make daily positive reinforcement training a priority and always keep him safe.

Puck is intelligent, outgoing, and rambunctious, with a soft mouth and a sweet personality, who very much wants to bond to someone. He is still a youngster and will need someone dedicated to providing him with continued training in a positive and consistent manner.

Originally adopted by a family unaware he is deaf and visually impaired, they quickly realized his needs were beyond their abilities. Puck has been in foster since early 2023, getting needed medical attention, while searching for his forever fit.

An Embark panel has been done for both breed identification and health. Puck is a double merle, and he has one copy of a gene variant putting him at some risk for developing Primary Lens Luxation. Otherwise, he is a genetically healthy boy.

Puck has been evaluated by an eye specialist. His optic nerves work; however his eyes are small and the pupils misshapen. He was diagnosed with entropion and surgery performed to improve the comfort and quality of his eyesight. As a precaution, he will need periodic eye exams throughout his life.

Puck’s behavior info:
• Started on hand and touch signals
• Uses a vibration collar for recall
• Passed the AKC Star Puppy exam
• Crate and X-pen trained,
• Rides well in the car (crated)
• Likes other dogs (especially bigger ones with whom he can rough-house)
• Respectful of cats
• Enjoys stuffed toys and tugging
• Loves to chase a lure (aka trash bunny)

Puck is microchipped and registered with AKC, UKC, NACSW, and BHA…. ready for any performance event you’d like to participate in.

The ideal placement should include someone who is retired, works from home, can take Puck to work with them, or has made other suitable arrangements. You should also have experience with positive reinforcement training and understand terriers.

Prospective adopters should want to meet Puck in person and be prepared to travel, if needed. Someone who is willing to take him to continued training sessions (with an R+ instructor) will be given preference.

For more information on this precious boy, please contact Kimberly (Kim) above.

Photo above: Puck having a grand time playing and wrestling with his doggy friends. 


Pucks rehoming fee is $450, with a written contract. We will provide his crate, vibration collar, “Blind Dog” collar, and toys.

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3
Our rehoming fees allows us to continue our mission