Meet one year old deaf American Bulldog Princess who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, continue teaching her new things and always keep her safe.


From her caregiver: Princess is a sweet and friendly deaf American Bulldog. We adopted her and was excited to have her become a part of our family. She loves her people and is such a quick learner. She thrives in structure and relies on consistency in her daily schedule.

She has responded very well to various hand signals and is awesome on walks now. She needs a home with a family that either does not have other dogs or the dog needs to be similar in size and energy to her. She lacks confidence and gets intimidated by dogs that are bigger than her. She really needs a buddy she can play and hang out with. Her deafness is not an issue. She just needs a family to call her own that has patience and loves going out on walks and staying busy.