Meet adoptable deaf bully mix Presley who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish her, make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment/exercise a priority and always keep her safe.

From her rescue advocate: Meet sweet 12 week old (DOB 1/1/24) Presley who will grow up to be between 45 and 60 pounds. She is deaf, good with other dogs, kids and cats. Name: Presley

Presley’s socialization/training: Presley, the adorable and eager learner! This treat-motivated pup is on a mission to master basic obedience skills and is always ready for the next lesson. With her love for people, she’s a social butterfly who gets positively giddy around everyone, from women and men to kids of all ages. Plus, her affection extends to furry friends, as she adores other animals. While she’s still perfecting her leash manners and maintaining calm during walks, Presley’s intelligence shines through, making her a quick study. At home, her curiosity knows no bounds, so keeping an eye on her explorations is essential. But with her charming personality and knack for picking up new tricks, Presley is sure to win hearts wherever she goes.

Presley’s crate trained: When her human can’t keep an eye on her, whether it’s during the day, overnight, or when they’re away, you’ll find Presley cozying up in her crate. Despite her initial reluctance, she settles into her crate quickly, making it her temporary home when needed. While she’s content for about 3-4 hours during the day and can hold it for about 7 hours overnight, she won’t give a heads-up when nature calls, so vigilance is key. Although she’s not a fan of confinement, she manages well and keeps accidents to a minimum. Without her crate, however, trust isn’t yet on the table. But with her easygoing nature and adaptability, Presley is a loyal companion who brings joy to any home.

Presley is leash trained: Presley is still mastering the art of loose leash walking, she shows promising progress and walks well overall. However, her excitement peaks when encountering people and furry friends, occasionally leading to some pulling moments. Yet, with dedicated training, she’s learning to keep her cool and focus on the path ahead. When it comes to birds and squirrels, they’re her instant attention-grabbers, but she’s gradually understanding the importance of ignoring them. Meeting other dogs while on leash ignites her social side, as she eagerly seeks to make new acquaintances. With ongoing leash training efforts, Presley is on her way to becoming the perfect walking companion, ready to explore the world one step at a time.

Presley’s activity Level: Presley is a dynamic bundle of joy with typical pittie puppy energy! Whether she’s zooming around the house or yard, or enjoying a well-deserved nap, Presley’s activity level is always on point. Playtime in the yard is her favorite, providing her with the perfect outlet for her exuberance. As she matures, she’ll benefit from increasing her exercise routine, but for now, she’s content with plenty of playtime. Despite her curious nature, Presley settles down easily indoors, especially when she’s had a good romp outside. When it comes to burning off energy, Presley is all about toys and playmates, eagerly engaging in games with both furry friends and her beloved toys. With her lively spirit and love for fun, Presley is the perfect companion for any adventure.

Fence: With her energetic nature and love for outdoor adventures, Presley is perfectly suited for leash walking, making a fenced yard unnecessary. However, if you do have a fence, her chain link enclosure measuring about 4.5-5ft works just fine for her. While she hasn’t shown any inclination to climb fences, an invisible fence could be a viable option for her. With her boundless curiosity and willingness to learn, Presley is all set for exciting walks and safe outdoor experiences, whether on leash or within the confines of an invisible fence.

Foster location: Fredericksburg, TX
Adoption fee: $200
Application link: