Meet adoptable deaf, 2.5 year old, Aussie/Lab mix Prana who is a sweet, lovable, gentle girl looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.


From her rescue advocate: She is a 2.5 year old Aussie Lab mix weighing 48 pounds and is deaf. She adores kids, people, and, most of all, her primary person. If you decide to sit, lay, or relax, she will do two things: Either relax with you, making sure she is touching you or bring you a ball for you to throw so she can chase. Prana is madly in love with fetching balls and is quite a retriever!

She can be with other dogs with proper introductions or she can be with them but is prone to resource guarding. Prana will need someone patient to work with her through her protective nature of her human once she bonds with him/her. When introduced to other dogs without her person, she warmed up to other dogs after some time.


Prana is potty and crate-trained. Because she has shown some abandonment issues, she has some separation anxiety, but with continuous routine and constant love and affection, she will trust and feel assured she’s found her forever home. She truly is a sweet girl who wants her person for life!

Prana would do best in a household with tween kids or older due to her passionate, welcoming personality when her family comes home. She treats it like it’s Christmas morning every time she lays her beautiful eyes on you. Due to her strength, her jumps and wiggles for the first few minutes, she will need someone patient in training her to be more ladylike. Otherwise, she is a chill pup! She hasn’t had too many interactions with other dogs, and depending on the vibes, she will be playful or standoffish. Prana has been in a home with other dogs but is currently the only animal in her foster home.

Prana goes on several walks daily and, sometimes lengthy ones, while her human foster brother is practicing soccer. Prana is your girl if you’re looking for a well-rounded dog! She loves car rides, walks, and playing fetch but loves snoring on cozy beds and fluffing up the pillows on couches. She’s quite the snuggle bug!

If you are interested in adopting Prana, the first step is to fill out an adoption application here: