Thank you so much Savannah with Savvy Dog Training and Sydney her deaf dog who took the time to make a training video for people who want to muzzle train their deaf dogs. Muzzles can be a wonderful tool to keep your Vet safe in a urgent situation at the clinic. If you have a deaf dog who has bitten in the past and who is not comfortable around strangers or children, we highly encourage you to do this muzzle training to keep you and your dog safe and from having to go to court to fight a dog bite case or worse yet have your deaf dog deemed to be “dangerous” or put to sleep because of a serious bite incident.

Like Savannah mentions go very slow with these four steps of muzzle training.  You will want to start with step one and do it for several days in a row and once that is going well, continue on to with step one but try to lengthen the time your dog putting his nose in the muzzle (treat, treat, treat).  The first step should also be be done several days in a row. Do this training several times a day, go slow and make it a very positive experience for your deaf dog. Never force or rush. Make a fun game out of it so that your deaf dog will think it is just another fun game.


Good luck, like and subscribe, and be sure to reach out if you have any questions!

Happy training, Savannah & Sydney

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