Meet adoptable deaf and blind Great Dane puppy who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, teach her new things and always keep her safe.

Pickles is a typical headstrong, happy-go-lucky, vibrant, NEEDY and affectionate one year old, double-merle dane puppy who has no idea she’s any different than any other dog around, even though she is fully deaf and blind.

Pickles is the unfortunate product of an unethical double-merle breeder who prioritizes profit over the health/welfare of each puppy born, knowing that some of the puppies can be born deaf, blind or both.

Pickles is appropriately named… That’s because Pickles often finds herself getting into… well, pickles. But Pickles doesn’t let anything stop her! And it’s not her fault she cannot see or hear a thing!

Understandably, she tends to bump into things, like, a lot… But for a mini-horse-sized dog who can’t see or hear, she’s astoundingly gentle when she bumps into things… All. The. Time. But so far, in foster care, she hasn’t destroyed anything.

HOWEVER, IF YOUR HOME IS IMMACULATE AND YOU HAVE LOTS OF EXPENSIVE, EASILY-BREAKABLE ITEMS LYING AROUND… PICKLES IS NOT THE DOG FOR YOU. And we’d venture to say that a great dane really shouldn’t be your breed of choice either…

Pickles very quickly learns new routines and once she recognizes your leg she likes to be touching it so she can know where you are and where to lead her. She’s living with three Danes and is perfectly mannered with all. She’s lived with cats too. She’s honestly never met a stranger and doesn’t have a mean bone in her, she would never harm a fly.

She’s amazingly trusting, loving and well-adapted for not being able to see or hear. Pickles relies on her NOSE for most everything, but she’s also very attuned to vibrations and touch. She is so smart, she walks best with a special harness/vest on that you can grab between the shoulders to steer her or alert her quickly. She wants to be right next to you at all times.

The first two weeks of foster care took some adjustment time to settle into a new routine and work schedule, but Pickles learns quickly. Her foster dad is often away at work for 9-10 hours a day. Pickles is terrified of being confined in a 54” crate and will try to bite/break her way out of it, but Pickles is left out free roam enclosed in a bedroom or in a dog room – she will eventually settle down and go to sleep. For her safety she should not be allowed to just free roam the entire house while her humans are away.

When she’s anxious or scared, she whines/barks a lot.. but it just takes time for her to settle into her new home. She can smell when you’re still home, her nose is that good. There’s no fooling her there.

She would do best in a forever home with someone who is home more so than not, as although she’s excellent with other dogs and cats, she doesn’t seek them out for comfort. She is way more interested in and attuned to her human than anyone or anything else. Like most danes, her human bond trumps everything else.

Pickles loves toys though – especially squeaky/squishy ones that she loves to play with around 1:30 AM.. lol…

Pickles came to us malnourished, and we’ve discovered she can be somewhat of a picky eater, but she’s finally slowly gaining weight on her day-by-day. She loves her canned food… diva. She’s up to 95 lbs now and is still growing. She’s very tall and lanky.

Pickles has not been around kids in foster care, but we’d venture to say that she’d do perfectly fine with older teenage children who are dane and dog savvy and can understand and work with her special needs.

Pickles absolutely requires a fenced in yard, no exceptions, and a dane-savvy adopter, no exceptions.

Whoever adopts Pickles needs to understand that she’s very much a juvenile puppy, first and foremost. On top of that, because of her deficits, she’s going to require even more time and patience and training from her humans than other puppies would.

Please allow her that grace period and training and bonding time. Yes, it will be rocky and bumpy and whiny and barky road, at first. But she’s worth it. We promise you, she’s worth it.

Pickles has been fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped by the rescue. She is heartworm negative.

Pickles adoption fee is $400. To apply to adopt Pickles, first please read over our adoption requirements at