Meet adoptable deaf hound mix Phoebe who need a loving new home with someone who will cherish her, make daily positive reinforcement training/enrichment/structure a priority and always keep her safe. Phoebe tends to resource guard around other dogs so she is looking for a loving home with someone where she will be the only poet.

From her current caregiver: It is so hard for me to make this post, but it is our last resort.

We need to rehome our dog. This is Phoebe, she is a 6 year old, 70 pound, red tick hound mix, and is DEAF. I have to be 100% honest to ensure she finds a home that’s the right fit. Phoebe is an extreme resource guarder when it comes to other dogs around her, and can not be in a home with any other animals because of this. We have tried weeks of board and train programs, as well as in home training sessions but have not found what works for her. A home without small children would also be the safest best due to her unpredictable resource guarding behavior. She has become possessive over my sons things and can not be left unattended with him. My son is also EXTREMELY allergic to her, so she is not a hypoallergenic dog. I’m aware this isn’t hyping her up lol but I have to be honest about her behavior.

In spite of all of these things, Phoebe is so loving towards people. This girl will be your best friend, she is so loyal and loves to cuddle.

She will come with a kennel, food, leashes, collars, clothes, and toys.

I would want to do a meet and greet in your home if you’re interested.