From Christina of Deaf Dogs Rock: Our friends Carol Bryant and Maggie Marton have just released the first edition of their book Pet Blogging For Love & Money. We are so excited because we know this first edition is going to help pet bloggers who want to write about their beloved animals, assist animal advocates who want to spread awareness, and help shelter staff/rescue volunteers take their blogs to the next level – not only to help animals find their new homes but also to help bring communities together and raise money for their rescue organizations.

Our Deaf Dogs Rock community wants to celebrate with Carol and Maggie by hosting a virtual book tour today to share their hard work and give other animal advocates the valuable resources in Pet Blogging For Love & Money. To participate in this virtual book tour, please share this post with friends and family.


Pet Blogging For Love & Money is like the a pet blogging road map for pet bloggers, freelance writers, shelter managers/staff, rescue blog volunteers, and animal advocates who want to reach out to other animal lovers to share their love of animals. Blogging is a wonderful way to celebrate the animals you live with and to promote animals in need through learning the ins and outs of pet blogging. In my humble opinion, his book is a must have!

Pet Blogging for Love and Money
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More about Carol Bryant and Maggie Marton

Carol Bryant is an awarding-winning dog blogger and found of and Maggie Marton is a free lance writer who writes about dogs, cats, kids and the environment at her award-winning blogs and 

(Carol writes: “Maggie and I are successful pet bloggers who each spent a decade developing our own blogs and brands while working for the largest pet-specific influencer network in the world. We spearheaded campaigns that drove growth, brand awareness, and revenue. We channeled all our knowledge into this one resource.”)

My First Blog


I first started blogging more than 10 years ago with my first pet blog called The World According To Lexi to celebrate my dogs and my farm here in Virginia. By August 2011, I launched what is known around the world today as At first I was very uncomfortable writing for a pet blog as I was really more in tune with sharing photographs of my dogs and the dogs at our local shelters looking for new homes. It took me years to learn all the different aspects of successful blogging.

I attended many social media pet blogging conferences over the years which is where I met Carol and Maggie. I would attend their educational sessions at each conference and I always marveled at how experienced and knowledgeable they both were when it came to blogging about animals. Today there is no need for you to spend a lot of money traveling to expensive conferences to learn about blogging because Carol and Maggie have gathered all their expertise and knowledge from their years of blogging experience into this book.

In this first edition of Pet Blogging for Love & Money, Carol and Maggie have worked with some of the top pet bloggers in the Pet Industry to share their knowledge of blogging, creating great content, finding the right audience through relevant content, how to earn an income from blogging, SEO, and discussing the options for social media marketing just to name a few.

This book will take you through every step of pet blogging.  You will learn to highlight your love of pets, and to highlighting shelter/ rescue animals in need of a new homes. This valuable information will help readers understand how to target the right audience when it comes to growing a strong blog following.  Readers will also learn how to target that specific audience by using relevant content marketing to grow their market share and build their on-line communities through sharing stories, providing credible resources to help the very animals they cherish.


Sample of the Table of Contents in Pet Blogging For Love & Money


I think the chapters Show Me The Money: How Do Pet Bloggers Make Money? and Turn Your Blog into a Business will also help pet/rescue bloggers learn different ways to bring in more income to help the animals or to help turn your pet blog into a successful business.


Above: Deaf Boston Terrier Bowie checking out the Deaf Dogs Rock Case Study in Chapter 15. 


Carol and Maggie were kind enough to invite me to participate in Chapter 15 and the role of blogging to help animals in need. We are honored to have Deaf Dogs Rock highlighted as one of the case studies in Chapter 15. The Role of Blogging for Pet Rescues and Animal Shelters to help other animal advocates know that they to can start a blog and bring an entire community together and help animals in need.


Please join our Deaf Dogs Rock Community in congratulating these two talented writers Carol Bryant and Maggie Marton on their first book Pet Blogging For Love & Money and join us in their virtual book tour by hitting the share button to share with family and friends.

Thanks so much for joining us on their virtual book tour! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

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