Meet adoptable deaf 8 year old bully Pepper who is looking for a loving home with no other animals in the home with someone who cherish her, someone who can help her through some of her separation anxiety and OCD and be patient with this sweet angel.

From his current caregiver: Pepper is a sweet and loving 8 year old deaf pitbull. I adopted her in August of 2016 and was told she was about 6 months at time of adoption. I personally believe that she was closer to a year when I adopted her and she has been with my family and I since. She is spayed and has all of her vaccines and vet paperwork. Pepper loves to play with her Kong toys and chew on her bones. She also enjoys cuddles, affection, and sleeping in/taking long naps. Pepper does enjoy walks in secluded areas of parks, away from others, but does pull. She will also try to run after cars, bicyclists, joggers/runners. On car rides, she does like run around in the back seats, so I do recommend keeping her leashed/buckled.


Pepper has lived with two male dogs before and cats in the past. Pepper does good with male dogs aside from resource guarding and has not had an issue living with cats aside from chasing them at times. Pepper has not been socialized with many female dogs and when she was living with another female dog, they did not get along. Pepper is best suited to a household with no other pets or children due to having separation anxiety, fixation on things like her shadow, and a history of resource guarding with other dogs. Pepper ultimately loves humans but can be nervous around new comers as well.


Also with Pepper being deaf, she can be nervous or anxious with fast movements or if someone touches her without her seeing them first.


Pepper does take Trazodone daily to ease her anxiety and fixations. Pepper is also crate trained but will sometimes whine, bark, and cry when crated or left alone. She loves treats and toys that keep her occupied which can also help her settle when being crated. As for more positives with Pepper, she is a very loving dog who loves people. She loves attention, pets on the head and belly rubs, along with cuddles. She is a quirky little girl who will keep you laughing especially when she gets the zoomies. Pepper’s adoption fee is $150 to a screened and approved home. You also must live within a 2 hour driving distance of Cleveland OH to be considered so you can meet her in person.

If you would like more information or questions regarding Pepper, please email me at the provided email. Thank you!