Pearl is a 2.9 year old (DOB 3/1/21), 29 lb female Terrier mix, white outer coat with black polka-dot ears and black spots on her body. Pearl was born mostly deaf and she is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, make her a member of a loving family and always keep her safe.

Pearl loves fast exercise walks and slow sniffing walks, kayaking, hiking, running around the yard, chasing leaves blowing in the wind, running on the beach, going in the water, but only up to her elbows, and playing fetch with just about anything.

She also loves sleeping in bed with you and being scratched all over. She’s always happy to meet new people. She is great in the car, mostly sleeps or chews her bones.

She knows signs for sit, give paw, high five, & circle. She is working on stay, down, and come. Right now, she’ll do them all for treats, but could use more training. She learns quickly & is highly trainable. She’s working on not being a thief of socks, plastic bottles, and basically anything that drops on the floor.

Understandably, she is afraid of the dark and needs a flashlight for walking at night.

Pearl is not a fan of other dogs upon meeting. She will make snarly face and lunge, but has never bitten. With the right training she may learn to play nice and potentially love having a playmate, but is also happy to be the only dog.

Pearl has some anxiety and can get nervous. Occasionally in new places she can get nervous and if there’s room to roam, will run herself to exhaustion if she’s not put back on a leash. She is also potty shy when nervous and will try to hold it way too long. A long calm walk will do the trick.

She tolerates grooming well and looks adorable either shaggy or short. With a puppy cut, the spots are all over her body (everyone asks if she’s part dalmatian when her fur is short).

Pearls foster family is willing to drive her out of state for the right home.