Holy bat ears Robin! Meet adoptable deaf dog Pasiley who is looking for a loving family or person to cherish her, continue her positive reinforcement training and always keep her safe. She would love to live inside with her new family but also have access to a secure fenced yard to always keep her safe.

From her foster: Description – Pasiley is a white with black spots in her undercoat, terrier mix. She is around 1 year and 3 months old. This is a guess by the vet, after checking her teeth.

Behavior – Pasiley loves to be outside and play. She likes walks and does really good on a harness. Knows how to use a doggy door. Pasiley is also house trained and we are working on crate training. She has been around dogs and does really good with medium size dogs. She was introduced to cats and she did not do good. So I would not have her with cats. Treat time is favorite time of the day. She has been around kids as young has 4 years old and did wonderful.

Pasiley’s story – Pasiley was found on a road in Waco Texas. She had been hit by a car. I was contacted, because I do medical fosters. I rushed to the vet, where she was being examined. She had a broken pelvis and we would find out later that she had nerve damage in both left legs. She had to have 6 weeks of rest which means she had to be crated the whole time. She only came out for potty breaks. Paisley was carried in and out for this and was held up by a body harness to go potty. Her pelvis is know healed and she does walks, runs, and plays with no problem. During the frist week is when I found she was deaf. None of this has slowed her down. She is the best. She is always happy and never meets a stranger.

The Family that would be perfect for Pasiley –
Someone willing to love her and understand that just because she is not like the rest of the normal dogs, does not mean she can be a perfect dog for them.

Someone that can see the beauty in her and love her unique way.

Preferably with no cats.