Meet adoptable deaf Boston Terrier Pancho Baytown who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will continue his positive reinforcement training/enrichment and always kepe him safe.

From his rescue advocate: Pancho Baytown is an adorable and smart young male Boston Terrier ready to find his forever home. He enjoys playing fetch and tug of war – perfect for an active owner but is still learning not to nip. Pancho Baytown is deaf and is responsive to visual cues (sit, lay down, stay, no) unless he’s very excited. Being deaf, he would benefit from being in a home with a very submissive dog he could shadow. He is definitely an alpha male. He has lived with a cat and a bunny in the past. He would chase the cat. He went from not living with any dogs to his current foster home where there are three other dogs which has been a bit much for him.

In his previous foster home it took him a little time to warm up to his foster parents, especially his dad, but adapted quickly to the female in his current foster home. Pancho can be a sweet and affectionate companion who wants to be close to his people. He is afraid of some other dogs and unexpected shadows/lights, reacting by barking and/or hiding. He worked diligently on this with the help of a trainer and is making great progress towards facing his fears. Having him in an enclosed crate like an end table one or a travel crate provides him extra security. He hasn’t been as reactive to lights and shadows with the administration of Trazodone and current foster lives on a very busy street.

Pancho will thrive with a patient and dedicated owner willing to continue his training journey. The ideal adopter will provide a secure and loving environment, ensuring Pancho feels safe and supported and would benefit being adopted by someone who has deaf dog experience. He requires a fenced yard where he can safely play. A Chuckit ball launcher and tennis balls help to work out that young pup energy. He would probably be best suited with someone who works from home until he bonds with a dog he can shadow. He is currently on a hydrolyzed protein diet and probiotics for IBS.