Meet adoptable deaf dog Ozzy who is looking for a loving forever  home with someone who will become his new best friend, teach him cool new things and always keep him safe. Ozzy is good with children and is looking for a forever family.


Update 9/11/23:

Ozzy has been with a foster for months now, so we know a lot more about him. He is now ready for adoption! He is great with other dogs and even good with animals like goats. He is not good with cats. He is great with kids, seniors, etc. He does not have huge exercise needs. He does like a good cuddle. When he goes to work with his foster (at a Vet clinic) he greets everyone as a friend.

His current foster / the rescue has a ton of great photos and video of Ozzy. He is just a doll.

From his rescue advocate; Ozzy is such a STAR that he was selected as Channel 10’s Pet of the Week.…/pet-of…/pet-of-the-week-ozzy He is ready to be your Netflix and chill man or your work from home office buddy. Social and always ready for a good cuddle! Ozzy is deaf, communicates fairly well through body language and touch. He is food motivated, learns quickly and seems to have had formal training at some point.



Per his foster Ozzy is more than ready for nice leisurely stop and smell the flowers walks with you, but definitely not looking for any type of marathon! Around the neighborhood? A quick jaunt to the park? Yes, please! He’s past the wild puppy years, but has plenty of cute and goofy in him. And, everywhere Ozzy goes, you can hear people exclaim “How can he be so sweet?” His current foster has no clue, but can attest to the fact that he is indeed the sweetest.