Hello, my name is Sharon I live in Missouri with an amazing deaf dog named Ozzie! He is almost two years old and is a bichon/poodle/pit mix. My parents owned his mom she is a bichon/poodle mix. The mom wasn’t feeding him and kept putting him out of the dog bed. I took him to the vet at 3 days old and was told he was probably was way to sick to survive and I should just put him down. I couldn’t do that to an innocent puppy so we went to another vet who said if I could get him to eat he would probably be ok!


I knew I had a lot of work to do so I bottle fed him for the next 6 weeks. I quickly noticed he could be deaf. I took him in for his puppy shots and the vet confirmed it with a Baer test. I also learned he has a heart murmur, but otherwise Ozzie was in good health.

I started researching deaf dog informaiton from various websites and from my Vet about training Ozzie.  It was a bit of a learning curve and a challenge but looking back I’m so glad I gave this lil Ozzie a second chance at life. Ozzie will be turning one year old on May 23 , 2012 and the only problem I have now besides him bein EXTREMELY spoiled is that the vet says he’s over weight. I guess we will have to get out and practice loose leash walking to get the weight off Ozzie.

I can’t imagine life without my little Ozzie boy. He has gotten me through some bad health problems and an emotional divorce. A couple of months ago I took him to see the first Vet that told me to put him down and she apologized for not having the faith in both of us to see him through to make him healthy again. I think she under estimated both of us. I loved seeing how amazed she was when she saw Ozzie actually responded to sign language. I think Ozzie and I made her a  firm believer that all dogs deserve a chance at life.

Thank you for reading the story of me and my miracle dog Ozzie. Sharon and Ozzie


Note from Deaf Dogs Rock: Sharon you are amazing! Thank  you Sharon for sharing Ozzie’s awesome Happy Tail with us here at Deaf Dogs Rock. Nitro and I think you and Ozzie totally Rock. Educating the public is all about changing peoples perception of deaf dogs by showing them how incredible they can be. Keep up  the good work! ~ Christina and Nitro Lee