Mollie – VA – Adopted

Mollie – VA – Adopted

Update 8/14/18 – Both Ollie and Mollie have been adopted!

Our Deaf Dogs Rock sponsored Rocker Puppies Ollie and Mollie made the trip all the way from Katy, Texas here to Troy, VA. Deaf Dogs Rock was happy to sponsor them into rescue so they could go into a very special program at our partner rescue Green Dogs Unleashed. At GDU each deaf puppy will receive sign training, puppy training, socialization while potential homes are being carefully screened.

Update on Ollie 6/16/18: Ollie has been adopted but Mollie is still in need of a loving home! 

Mollie is currently looking for loving a forever home with someone who will love her, keep her safe and always be her advocate. She needs a person who will make positive reinforcement training a priority, and always keep them safe. Mollie is around 13 weeks old.


Ollie and Mollie (Ollie on the left has been adopted)




Ollie and Mollie make it to Virginia safely!

Photo above: On May 26, Ollie and Mollie arrived in Virginia from Katy, Texas with a team of Highway Heroes Rescue Transport volunteers to get them safely to Green Dogs Unleashed where they will go into foster care, start their sign training, puppy socialization while potential homes are being screened to make sure they each go to committed  and loving homes. Ollie and Mollie were sponsored into rescue by our Deaf Dogs Rock Community through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program. All donations received into Deaf Dogs Rock go towards sponsoring deaf dogs and puppies like Ollie and Mollie to keep them out of kill shelters and give them a chance at a great life. 

Since we don’t know their exact mix, we cannot guarantee a size, but we feel that they will be typical Boxer size – 60 lbs +-

For more information about our mission and to complete an adoption application for adoption,  click here to go to the adoption application. 

**** PLEASE NOTE: The first communication you will receive after completing an application will be via email. Please keep an eye on your inbox AND spam folders, just in case. ****