The core mission of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy program is to set up each deaf puppy/dog for success by sending them into a experienced special needs rescue where they go into a experienced deaf dog foster home that is committed to training and socializing each deaf dog that comes into their care. This way each foster advocate gets the opportunity to live with the deaf dog, work with the deaf dog and accurately evaluate each deaf dog/puppy to make sure to match the dog with the right home once the adoption screening process starts. The adoption screening process is very thorough. Each interested family must fill out an adoption application that asks lots of questions and a full list of references is required to be considered for adoption.

We work with shelters, rescues, private individual and breeders to help get each deaf puppy into our program to make sure each deaf dog/puppy gets the individual training, socialization, and love to grow up to become a cherished member of society. Deaf Dogs Rock is a judgement free zone and are here to help deaf dogs and puppies get a fresh start and a chance at a great life.

When screening potential homes for a deaf dog/puppy, there are many guidelines to follow like checking all references, talking to the applicants veterinarian and performing a thorough home visit to make sure each home is a safe place for a deaf or deaf/blind dog. This is why our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy is so important to set each deaf pup up for a successful happy life in their new home. Our Rocker Puppy program financially sponsors each deaf dog/puppy so the dogs can be spay/neutered before they are adopted to a new family. We only work with rescues and advocacy organizations who are committed in making sure each deaf dog/puppy is spay/neutered before being placed in a new home.

It is our number one mission to make sure each deaf dog and puppy gets basic training, socialization. are in a loving and caring foster home where their confidence soars. Our partners set each deaf dog up for success. Jan – October 2018 Deaf Dogs Rock has sponsored a total of 116 deaf dogs and puppies into rescue.

In November 2018, our Deaf Dogs Rock community sponsored another 14 deaf dogs and puppies into rescue (one was a medical sponsorship) for a grand total of 130 deaf dogs sponsored into the safe harbors of rescue so far this year. A huge thank you to all of you who held Facebook birthday and Giving Tuesday fundraisers and all of you who sent in donations to Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue our work to help one deaf dog at a time. According to our Deaf Dogs Rock executive team, deaf dogs Nitro, Bud, Bowie, Cornell and myself, you all totally rock!



Brownie GDU 

When we received Brownie’s information we worked with Brownie’s caregiver to get the pup into Green Dogs Unleashed here in Virginia. A big shout out and thanks to all the Highway Hero Transport Team drivers ho helped get little Brownie from Indiana to Virginia.


Boxer Jerry – Lovable Paws Rescue 

Photos above are Jerry’s freedom ride and freedom photo

We put out a rescue plea with an offer of a Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship for this sweet deaf boxer in a shelter in Lexington SC after the shelter contacted us needing assistance. A big shout out and thank you to Lovable Paws Rescue for pulling Jerry to safety. We think you all ROCK!


Rhonda – Deaf Dog Rescue of America

We put out a rescue plea on deaf Rottie mix Rhonda in Texas and our wonderful friends at the Deaf Dog Rescue of America stepped in to have Rhonda pulled. They pulled together a Texas to California transport and Rhonda will be arriving at the DDRA Ranch soon.

Deaf Aussie boy from Taft Texas – iRescue 

Thanks to Melinda Peinado for contacting Deaf Dogs Rock about a 2 year old deaf Aussie boy at a rural high kill shelter in Taft Texas. As soon as we got the plea for help from Melinda we reached out to iRescue to see if they could make room for this sweet deaf boy. Sure enough Karla and Michelle had room and had him transported into their rescue. Thanks to these rescue warrior women this little boy is safe and in foster care.

Periwinkle – Green Dogs Unleashed

Deaf Dogs Rock was happy to sponsor deaf dog Periwinkle with Green Dogs Unleashed so we could help out with some of her vetting costs to get her ready for adoption. All deaf dogs are spay/neutered before they become available for adoption through Green Dogs Unleashed.


Jax – Angles of Assisi Rescue – Roanoke

When some folks from Wythe County contacted Deaf Dogs Rock about a 9 month old deaf dog who needed a rescue to help him, we put them in contact with Angles of Assisi Rescue here in Roanoke, Virginia and we offered a Rocker Puppy Sponsorship if Angles had room for Jax. Angels made room for Jax and we sponsored him into rescue. Our friend Bobbie Wiggins Paterson works at Angels as a trainer and she is versed in deaf dog training so she has been working with Jax on some of his basic sign cues.


Otis – Deaf Dog Rescue of American

Thanks to the Deaf Dog Rescue of America who we contacted about a deaf puppy in No. California who needed rescue. Thanks to Miri for picking him up and fostering him. You all ROCK! Otis is in great hands and thanks to our sponsors Otis was sponsored by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy fund.


Archie – Juliet’s House Animal Rescue 

Juliet’s House Rescue went to the Davidson County Animal Shelter and rescued three orphaned puppies. Once they got them into rescue they realized one of the puppies Archie is deaf. As soon as I saw his one blue eye he reminded me of my deaf dog Nitro who passed away on November 5 so I knew we had to offer a Rocker Puppy sponsorship for Archie in Nitro’s memory. This way Archie can receive his vetting and be ready for adoption soon. Thanks so much for Juliet’s House Rescue in the Greensboro area for pulling these beautiful pups.


Hazel – iRescue 

A big shout out and thank you goes to our friend Monica Brown for networking Hazel to help her find rescue and a huge thank you to the iRescue team for making room for deaf dog Hazel so she can start on her new journey to a new life. Thanks to our supporters we can offer a Rocker Puppy sponsorship for deaf dogs like Hazel so when she goes to rescue she can be vetted and spayed to get ready for adoption to a loving family. Hazel is Heartworm positive and her treatment will be over $500 so we made sure to send extra funds ($400) to help with her HW+ treatment.


Mia – Green Dogs Unleashed

Mia came all the way from Texas to Troy Virginia. Thanks to our wonderful supporters we worked hard to get Mia to Green Dogs Unleashed where she will go into foster care, start her deaf puppy training while potential homes will be carefully screened to find her the very best match. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with Mia’s transport. You all ROCK!

Thea – Irescue Texas

Thanks to iRescue for finding a foster so sweet deaf/blind girl Thea could be pulled from a shelter and be in the safe harbor or rescue.


Busan – Adore-a-Bullie Paws and Claws Rescue 


Thanks to Regina with Adore-a-Bullie Paws and Claws Rescue for pulling Busan within a could of hours of his euthanasia appointment. He is on his way to foster in upstate New York. He was pulled from the Staten Island Animal Care Center. We had so many people send us his link and we are so excited to be able to sponsor him into a rescue that is familiar with working with a deaf dog. Last year the pulled deaf dog Snoop last year.

Chance – Northern Plains Boxer Rescue

Photo of Chance (deaf) and Missy (hearing)

We saw a plea for donations from Northern Plains Boxer rescue so we sent in a sponsoship for deaf dog Chance to help relieve some of the financial stress so they would have more funds freed up for Chance’s hearing companion Missy.


Charlotte – Speak For The Unspoken – OHIO

A big shout out to our rescue partner Speak For The Unspoken in Ohio who pulled this little deaf pibble puppy Charlotte from the Clark County shelter. Charlotte is now in the safe harbor of rescue in foster care where she can start her sign training, potty training and socialization. Thanks to our Deaf Dogs Rock supporters Charlotte is one of our November sponsored Rocker Puppies.