Meet adoptable deaf girl Nova who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe. She is house trained, crate trained, knows several sign cues and would do well with older kids.


From her caregivers: Nova is a 3 year old purebred Dogo Argentino. She knows basic signs like sit, down, come and good girl. She was originally a hunting prospect for us, but as a young pup we suspected she was deaf and BAER test confirmed she is completely deaf. Her breeder offered to take her back but by that time we saw how special she was and wanted to keep her. She is an extremely sweet dog who loves kids but can be a little much with her kisses. She loves to play with other dogs and gets along well with everyone. She is athletic, healthy and very sound/stable.

We have acquired more hunting dogs that we expected to, and we travel often to hunt, so we are unable to give Nova the love and attention she deserves. We want her to be as spoiled as possible. She deserves it.

(While I posted that we are in Raleigh, NC, we are dedicated to finding the best home for Nova and we will do our best to help get her to that home however we have to!)

If you are interested in adopting Nova, please contact to get more information about adoption fees, filling out and adoption application and meeting her in person.