Today was such a bittersweet rescue transport day for me. Twelve years after adopting my deaf boxer Nitro from the City of Salem Animal Shelter, Nitro’s Fund sponsored into rescue deaf boxer puppy Axl from the City of Salem Animal Shelter. I got the pleasure of doing his rescue transport to our rescue partner Green Dogs Unleashed. It was an extremely cold winter day with the high of 23 degrees and very windy on this January 21, 2022.

The Rescue transport I did today with little deaf boxer Axl was also done in honor/memory of deaf boxer Molly who passed away on Dec 27, 2021 and my deaf boxer Bud who also passed on Dec 27, 2021. It was such an emotional day thinking of deaf boxer’s Molly, Bud, and my Nitro  (who passed in 2018) and knowing it is because of them that we continue our mission to save one deaf dog at a time. Molly’s mom Kimberly donated to Deaf Dogs Rock for the #Betty White Challenge so we wanted to honor her donation her deaf boxer Molly.

Nitro’s Fund specifically is set up to sponsor deaf boxers out of shelters into the safe arms of rescue partners to make sure we help them on their journey to a new life by setting them up for success. Thanks to Gail for fostering Axl through Green Dogs Unleashed. Gail is a very experienced deaf dog foster mom. She will be teaching him new signs cues, getting him socialized and getting his daily routines started so she can properly evaluate him before he becomes available for adoption through GDU.

So happy we got this sweet deaf boxer puppy into the safe arms of rescue today.

Have a great life deaf puppy Axl! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

Photos of our Rescue Transport for Axl – January 21, 2022

Above: Shelter Director Molly Jennings saying goodbye to sweet deaf boxer puppy Axl 


Above: Axl and I got to our transport destination early so we hung out playing in the back of the transport van for about an hour. He had so much fun and he is such a sweet soul. 


Above: Look at this sweet Goober face. Axl is a deaf 7 month old puppy who will be available through Green Dogs Unleashed soon. 

If you would like to contribute to Nitro’s Fund to sponsor the next deaf boxer into rescue or to help with Axl’s sponsorship, please click here to donate.