Nitro’s Happy Tail – Nitro Rocks His Nose Work Recognition Test (ORT)

Written by Elizabeth Darnell

We were not looking for another dog!  Our house was already full with the three we had.  And I was very happy to have my Oreo Cookie (two black dogs and one white dog) when Nitro showed up.

Shannon of DAWGS (Detroit Animal Welfare Group), sent a message to my husband and me about “a beautiful, unruly girl that goes by the name Riley”.  Haha, what an understated description of this little girl.


Deaf puppy Nitro

Hurricane Nitro (aka. Riley) roared into our home on August 14th, 2016.  She wasted no time getting to know each of the three dogs already there: Mac, Zima and Chance.
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She quickly learned the pecking order of the group as well as the pet peeves of each dog and she delights in pushing each dog to the limit of their patience.  She then so gingerly makes up to them by kissing their faces and curling up next to them for a long nap.  The love/hate relationship is strong!


The Darnell Family of dogs (Chance, Zima and Nitro are all deaf)

Nitro has become a solid buddy to Chance, who adores he even when she picks on him.  He walks her to her kennel at bedtime and waits for her to come out in the morning.  Nitro and Chance are often the play date pals around the backyard: sniffing, digging and chasing together.

She joined us on our hunting trips this year.  While her lack of fear is powerful so is her desire to eat the birds!  Nitro dismantled and consumed an entire dove before we could stop her.  Her hunting is now restricted to a very short leash.


Nitro is just motivated by life!  She is eager to learn while perfecting her sit, stay, shake within a week of coming home. She also began her nose work training like the other three dogs.   And just two short months after joining our family, Nitro obtained her Odor Recognition Test (ORT) for National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) for Birch and Clove.  This will allow Nitro to compete in NACSW Nosework Trials when she turns one year old.


Elizabeth and Nitro

We fully intend for Nitro to compete in nose work, tricks, and perhaps additional doggy sports as time and training permits.
More importantly, we are excited to add yet another wonderful addition to our family.  We are excited to see the advances Nitro will make for herself and for the deaf dog community.


Nitro is the ultimate velcro dog sleeping on top of her daddy so she will wake if he moves!