Meet adoptable deaf, 3 year old Nina who is looking for an adult only home where she can be the only pet.

From her current caregiver: Nina is an active 3yr old grey and white Pitbull. We adopted her from an animal shelter at the age of 2yrs of age so we had no knowledge of her previous history.

We have found her to be unpredictable with other dogs and small children. She does have allergies which can be controlled with her diet. She is very loving to adults and she enjoys being inside with her humans. Unfortunately I am engaged to someone who has small children and I cannot risk her unpredictability and don’t have a space to provide her in my home to keep her separate from the small children. It is not her fault because she was not raised around small children and small children can be also very unpredictable which makes Nina nervous.


I have exhausted many bully rescues but have been unsuccessful in surrendering her. Please help me find her an adult only home with someone who will love her and keep her safe.