Meet adoptable deaf 1 year old Beagle mix Night King who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe. Night King is 25 pounds of pure joy!

From his shelter advocate: Say hello to the handsome Night King! This gorgeous deaf boy is on the hunt for his forever home and is hoping that would be you. Night King came into the shelter as a stray, unfortunately his owners were never found. Night King may not be housebroken or crate trained and will need to be taught so. As stated before Night King is deaf and will need a person/family who will be able to help him along with his disability. With that being said, having a dog that is deaf will take some time getting adjusted too if you are not familiar or have never delt with a deaf dog before. Sometimes they startle easily, you will need to learn and teach them sign language commands or they may even bark excessively.

Night King seems very treat motivated which may make it easier to train. Night King is a high energy dog but also seems to enjoy all kinds of toys and a good ole game of fetch. He loves to explore and get into things that don’t belong to him- training and a consistent routine would work best! Night King may chase cats but is very friendly with other dogs. He seems to be more confident with dogs smaller or his size. Larger dogs seem intimidating to him but he’s still interested in playing with everyone!