Meet adoptable deaf, 7 year old (40lbs) Nicholas who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him, not give up on him, live in a home with calmer dogs and no children.

From Pink Heart Rescue:

Meet Nicholas!

Nicholas came to us from a family of an older couple who was downsizing into a smaller home. During this time the husband became sick and Nicholas wasn’t getting as much exercise as he was used to. This led him to chasing cars and his family didn’t want him to get hurt. Luckily in his paper work we found out his breeder had a return contract meaning that the family should have returned Nicholas to the breeder via the contract. I contacted the breeder and she was more than willing to help with Nicholas in anyway. As of right now we have decided for the time to keep Nicholas at our house so his next transition will truly be to his forever home and we don’t have to give him anymore anxiety. His breeder is helping us on our search to find Nicholas’ true forever home and has even offered to pay his adoption fee!

Nicholas is a sweet boy who really wants nothing more than to be around people. He loves everyone and loves scratches and butt rubs! His second favorite thing is tennis balls and can fit up to 3 in his mouth at one time! He also loves to walk and could benefit from some exercise to drop a few pounds.


He would do best in a home with no small children or really rowdy dogs although he does like to play with more calm dogs that are at his old man speed. He does have a little anxiety but it is pretty mild and situational so a calm environment would be best for him. He also needs a fenced in yard to play ball in with no risks of chasing cars. If you are interested in Nicholas please email us at