Meet adoptable deaf 5 year old Nash who is looking for a loving home with someone who will love him and always keep him safe. Although the shelter has Nash listed as a Pit Bull mix he looks much more like an American Bulldog. Learn more about the American Bulldog (Johnson line), click here. 

Nash is a friendly, goofy dog that loves to be with people and go on car rides/take walks. He appears to have some training as he already knows to sit / shake / paw for treats. Nash is approximately 5 years old and has no other health issues other than being deaf. He is currently living at the Maricopa County Arizona shelter since September 28, 2019. He walks on the leash pretty well once he gets over the excitement of leaving his kennel (as you can imagine after over 3 months). The harness is more comfortable for him than a leash/collar combination. Although he cannot hear, he does look at his person/handler to guide him.

Nash did okay in his evaluation with other dog but seemed to prefer the attention of the handler. There is question if he would be okay with small dogs but seems to be fine with young adults and kids. Nash takes his treats gently from the hand and rides in the car nicely (once he realizes he cannot sit in the front seat as he wishes). It is uncertain if he is fully house trained because he has been at the shelter for a bit but seems very smart / attentive so likely will aim to please.