Naomi is a loving and enthusiastic 2 year old pit/cattledog mix who is living at the Haven ACS in Lubbock, TX and she is looking for a loving forever home. She is very smart and athletic. She has a lot of energy and needs long walks, but also wants to cuddle on the couch. She loves walks, fetch, tug, belly rubs, yogurt, rolling in the grass, and learning tricks for food. Very comfortable with baths and being touched including feet and face. Walks well on a leash when given regular exercise. Loves car rides.

She was fostered in Dec-Jan 2019 before coming to Haven and struggled with being out of the sight of her human (Velcro dog) and with aggressive stances and sometimes lunges toward some other dogs during walks. However, she has become less anxious and much more accustomed to other dogs (through fences) at Haven which is a good start.

Naomi would be a fantastic companion for someone who works from home and has the patience to use positive reinforcement to help her learn to spend time alone. She will readily sleep in a closed crate if she can see her person. Cannot be left alone in crate or she will panic (last tested Jan. 2020)

Videos are available of the signs she knows!