Meet adoptable deaf pitbull Nala who is looking for a loving forever home.

From Karen: Nala is a very sweet, loving pitbull. She was trained by someone at some point, because when I started fostering her I did not have to teach her much.

She is great with all of my ducks, chickens and my turkey. Sometimes she likes to run towards them and stop just to watch them all take off in different directions. She is a silly girl, but has not harmed anyone or anything in this home.

Nala needs a home with no small children because I believe children abused her at her previous home before she was abandoned. She gets scared of shadows at night, and barks at them sometimes. But other than that, Nala has no real problems in the home. She has also never went potty in the house.

Nala loves to sleep, especially on a cozy, squishy bed. She feels loved when you cuddle her, give her kisses, and scratch behind her ears. She is waiting for her new best friend.