I received this email this morning from Billy Thomas and I am very happy to share his deaf dog Patience’s story with all of you. To DDR from Billy Thomas.

Thanks for your website, have 2 deafies, Patience I’ve had for 9 years, and my new guy Whiskey for a year and half. They are both certified therapy dogs and hard working. If you have the time go to the yahoo search engine and type in” Patience the Deaf Therapy Dog” and you can see some of her at work, she just recently won Petsmarts chairities first ever “Most Magnificent Rescue Dog in the Nation”, you can also find Patience on u tube, again just type in Patience the deaf therapy dog. Thanks for prompting deaf dogs, their the best. Billy T

Here is a news story I found from Channel 9 in Oklahoma City OK.

Dana Hertneky, News 9


BETHANY, Oklahoma — A Blanchard therapy dog has been named the most magnificent rescue dog in the nation. She was saved from a no-kill shelter eight years ago by a Blanchard family who was looking for a special needs dog. What they didn’t know at the time was how saving her life would make such a big difference in the lives of others.

At The Children’s Center in Bethany 9-year-old Patience is one of their favorite visitors. Patience is certainly patient. “She’s been hit, she’s been bit, she’s been run over by wheelchairs, you name it,” said Billy Thomas, Patience’s owner. “She just takes it all in stride and waits to get petted again.”

But perhaps she’s so good at her job dealing with special needs kids because she can relate, and kids can relate to her. Patience is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. “I never had a deaf dog, so I thought why not,” said Thomas. “She had been adopted several times and people brought her back.”

But once home with Billy, he discovered with just a little time Patience could learn sign language and because of her kind disposition he decided to train her to be a therapy dog.

Now she helps children with brain injuries, offering kids a friend to assist with their recovery and proving that with a little work and patience nothing is impossible. Because Patience was deaf, she was denied by the first therapy dog organization Billy applied to.

Thankfully, Therapy Dogs Inc, took a chance and accepted her. Billy now has a second deaf therapy dog that he also takes to the Children’s Center.