Update 5/10/24: From Montana’s temporary foster Phoebe:

Hi ! I am currently fostering a wonderful dog named Montana – I believe she is a cattle dog and bull terrier mix. She is mostly deaf or fully deaf. Montana is about  4 years old, and full of smiles and happiness! She is a white dog with light brown freckles. She loves walks and hanging out with her human. She is dog friendly but needs a slow introduction as she gets overwhelmed and excited when she sees other dogs on walks. I am not sure about cats. She LOVES her toys and would like to play all day, but she is also content just hanging out with you and snoozing! She has beautiful brown soulful eyes and cute brown belly spots. She is learning sign language- she already knows “sit”! She spent 6 months in the shelter and had a really hard time. She is so happy to be out in foster, but urgently needs a forever home, as I am only able to continue fostering her until Friday May 17th, at which point I’ll have to take her back to the shelter if I can’t find her a foster takeover or a forever home.

Here are some updated photos of Montana taken this week. Sweet deaf bully mix Montana is pure love and joy and is looking for a partner or family for life.

Montana is now house trained, she can “sit” and she is learning “stay” and “off”. She is good with children. She can be dog selective so needs proper and slow introductions.


4/9/24: From his shelter advocate: Meet adoptable deaf 4 year old Montana who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her advocate: Montana is a volunteer favorite waiting for her forever home in Atlanta GA. She has been at the shelter for several months, and only recently was understood to be hard of hearing / deaf. Due to her length of stay and special needs, Montana is deteriorating in the shelter and is becoming severely depressed, only eating when hand fed by volunteers. Atlanta is currently undergoing city/county animal welfare disputes, and between this and the other 500+ dogs in care, it’s easy for quite Montana to get lost in the shuffle. She has a positive history with other dogs, is good on the leash, loves the sunshine, and is suspected to be potty trained. She is low to medium energy and very friendly.