Meet adoptable deaf, 5 year old pointer mix girl Mindy who is looking for a loving forever home with Adults where she can be the only pet and get all the attention she deserves. She needs a loving hero to be her advocate, her new best friend and always keep her safe. Mindy is 65 pounds of pure joy!

From her foster dad: I volunteer at the local shelter, where Mindy came into the shelter as a puppy. She then went on to two other shelters. Mindy came back to ANIMAL SERVICES to be euthanized.

The last shelter she was at it was a chain-link fence between the two play yards and the other dog went after Mindy.  Mindy reacted when the other dog lunged at her and the volunteer pulled on Mindy leash  and Mindy was startled and redirected by accident. No one was seriously injured but after two years of not being able to be adopted, she ended up at ANIMAL SERVICES right before she was set to be euthanized, I asked the rescue that I am with , if they could pull Mindy and I would foster. I’ve personally been fostering Mini for two years.

Photo above: Mindy doing “zoomies” in the yard. 

I am the only home that she’s ever lived in. She is an amazing girl who just needs a chance and a family to call her own. When she was with animal services, Mindy would go to the nursing homes twice a week to visit the residents.