Mimi’s Happy Tail was written by Kirsten Solberg to celebrate Mimi’s three year Anniversary since she joined their family.

Mimi’s Happy Tail

Our family fosters through a wonderful organization, and my other half Nick and I were asked to foster a small white deaf boxer mix puppy named Mimi. After discussing It, we very nervous about taking on this task we knew nothing about at the time.


Nick and I were given the boost of confidence and reassurance that we would be amazing for her. Mimi was welcomed into our home with open arms, our golden lab, Bailey and her bonded instantly. They became the best of friends and Mimi really depended on Bailey for guidance. Mimi became apart of our family instantly. After taking Mimi to her scheduled adoption events we started noticing a weird pattern that she would jump out of the puppy pen and into Nicks arms.

We decided that she had chosen us to be her forever family and we made it official by adopting her. Mimi has been the best thing that has happened to our family and we love spreading the word about how amazing she is and that everyone needs to give all dogs a chance.